11 tips for perfect posing

1. Do not stand in front of the camera always just straight. The winning angles are: the center of gravity on one leg, the arms are asymmetrical, one shoulder slightly forward, half a turn, a glance over the shoulder. 2. Forget about “broken” poses from magazines. They are for professional models who advertise clothes. You take pictures for yourself, so try to take more natural postures. 3. Be spontaneous. If you want to dance, hug, laugh - do not hide your emotions! 4. If in the process of shooting you feel tension in your body, squeeze your fists several times, knead your shoulders and neck. Muscles will relax and you will look more natural. 5. If there are any angles and poses that do not suit you, do not hesitate to inform the photographer about this. 6. Attention to your hands! Do not press them to the body (they will seem larger), do not squeeze the props too much (so the hands do not look very aesthetically), do not let them just hang along the body. 7. Think less about how you will turn out in the photo, and just enjoy the moment. 8. Do not be afraid of rain and cloudy weather. But just in case, take a monochromatic or transparent umbrella. 9. During the portrait shooting, try to look less directly at the photographer. So a snapshot can turn out boring and without any zest. If you turn your head a little to the side and slightly at an angle to the camera, then the photo will become not just more interesting, but your eyes will play differently. 10. Do not hesitate to ask the photographer to show the resulting pictures on the camera screen, in order to choose a different pose or a more favorable angle if necessary. 11. Do not get carried away by posing. Because the best shots are obtained when you are natural.

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