11 tips for a great photo shoot

December 15, 2018

1. The golden rule of posing: you should feel natural in front of the camera. If any posture proposed by the photographer seems uncomfortable to you - change it.
2. Do not slouch! Straight back visually makes you slimmer and sleeker.
3. Turn on your favorite music. It will help you to relax. And do not hesitate to dance - so you will get really natural photos.
4. Use props and think about a photoshoot idea. For example, you can make not just a walk in the park, but a picnic - so you will focus less on the process of shooting.
5. Move slowly and smoothly. Try to walk slowly, avoid sudden movements. 
6. For the shooting outdoors, be sure to take extra flat shoes . If you feel unstable on high heels, the tension will be very noticeable in the photo. And if shoes, moreover, will rubbed the feet, in your eyes only pain and fatigue will be read, not happiness.
7. Be careful with asymmetrical hairstyles and outfits: in the photo, one side will always look less advantageous, so you will have to constantly check from what angle you are being photographed.
8. In preparation for the shooting, look through some photo shoots. Choose a few poses that you like, and rehearse them in front of mirror.
9. And in general, do not be afraid to “repeat” your favorite poses from magazines or Pinterest. On the contrary, clearly understanding, what picture you want to receive, you will feel more confident.
10. Do not forget to share your inspiration with the photographer and show him some pics you`d like to receive - in words sometimes it is difficult to explain many nuances.
11. Do not hold your breath during the shooting, in this case the photos come out tense and unnatural.














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