November 10, 2018

1. Choose images in which you will be comfortable
A dress may be unrealistically beautiful, but if you feel out of place in it, if it shakes somewhere or, on the contrary, is too big, then during a photo shoot you will only straighten it and correct it. A strict three-piece suit can suit your boyfriend, but will he be comfortable in it during shooting in the field in a hot summer day?
Clothes for love-story should be, first of all, comfortable and appropriate, and only then beautiful, fashionable, etc. Do not wear heels, if you have never worn them before, do not choose too narrow clothes that restrain movement, give up the clothes that will not according to the weather. The golden rule of a successful photo shoot is less tangible, more natural, and clothing is also a concern.


2. Contact a professional visagiste
The pledge of cool photos is your confidence that you look ypur best! Both professional makeup and perfect styling are your first helpers in this. A photo session, as a rule, involves a slightly more intense make-up than the one you do every day, especially if you are planning to shoot in a studio or it is a stylized photo session with decor in a beautiful location.


3. Choose a particular day for shooting.
This advice seems obvious to those couples, who plan to make a photo session far beyond the city, in a specific location, which will take several hours to get to, but they are often neglected by those, who are shooting in a city or a studio. After all, the photo session takes only a couple of hours, you can arrange it after work or schedule meetings after it - because the deadlines are tight and there is still a lot to do!
But no matter how busy you are, it is still better to spend a love story on a day off, on which you both plan nothing more serious. Just spend time together, arrange a late breakfast or go to a brunch in your favorite cafe - and invite a photographer to take with you to keep these happy moments together, which make up your happy life together.


4. Find a location that is right for you.
If you prefer industrial landscapes to picnics in flowering parks, feel free to go for a walk in your favorite city. Are you homebody? Take a cozy shot at home or in a stylized studio.
You can admire beautiful photos of couples in the mountains or on the seashore, but be honest with yourself - if you and your boyfriend do not like to get out into nature, if your style is high heels and sophisticated outfits, you should not go in countryside just for the sake of beautiful photos. Believe me, they can be made anywhere, the main thing is to feel comfortable yourselves in this place, and that the place reflects the character and mood of your couple.


5. Think over the shooting scenario.
Posing against a beautiful background for two hours is still a rather boring occupation. And the photos will turn out to be monotonous, if you do not think out an interesting scenario and do not prepare props. It is not necessary to organize something complicated, although if you want to reproduce the plot and style of your favorite movie - why not? And you can just ride a bike or have a picnic in the park - so you get a little distracted from the process of posing, and end up with more lively and natural photos.


6. Do not hide your emotions!
Love-story is a story of your relationship, a story about feelings and sincere emotions, so you shouldn’t depict languor and mystery, if you want to dance and laugh. Kiss, cuddle, fool around, look into each other's eyes and stop thinking about how you will get in the photos - just enjoy the time spent together, and your photographer will take care of everything else!





















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