Spring in bloom.

There are such shoots that touch the depths of our souls, awake feelings and delight. We are sure that today's spring photo story about tenderness, warmth and return to life will appeal to many of us. After all, this is beauty in its pure form, a real embodiment of femininity, elegance and a natural beginning.

I photographed with thrill, holding my breath. At such times, you want to freeze and just watch, feeling that you are touching the pure beauty!

This year the spring happened early. By mocking passers-by a long-awaited thaw, it disappeared under heavy winter scarves. However, in the soul the season has already changed, so the idea to make a shooting with a girl who could be a living embodiment of Spring came by itself. We can say that this small warm project was born in presentiment of spring, in anticipation of the first warm days.

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Roma, Lazio, Italia

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