There are no uninteresting people for photography in the world - each person has a beauty that can be illuminated with an inner light.

And photographer can ignite this light. In this I see my vocation as a photographer.

The unique technique of creating a portrait through photography came to us from painting. Portrait shooting is not just a picture, it is a story, character and fate reflected on film. Like a Renaissance artist, photographer creates his picture on a film canvas. Portrait photo shoot is one of the most popular genres of modern photography.

In my job as an italian wedding and family photographer, I do like to see the marvel in the world and the uniqueness in each person I meet; this attitude pushes me to analyze any detail of the world around me, in order to grasp its particularity. Even the slightest details are focused on and perfected; I strive to create harmony between light and shadows in my work, finding an equilibrium which lights up the emotions of the photograph. This is a technique I have developed and honed over years of experience; the careful manipulation of lighting in photography is a key skill of a wedding and family photographer.

There are many aspects that I focus on when producing my work. Light, shadows, objects, people, and expressions are all factors which I take into account for each and every shot! Every photograph is a story to tell. I hone in on the emotive nature of portraits and immortalise these feelings in canvas, so that you will have a visual memory of your special day for years to come. No matter how long passes, you will always have incredible portrait photographs to look back on: this is my goal. If you’re looking for a portrait photographer, I believe that I could be the person you need to help you.